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Recovery room

Revolutionize your recovery journey with the HyperIce Recovery Room, where cutting-edge technology and expert care combine to optimize your health and wellness like never before. Offering technology utilized by professional sports teams, Reyes Performance Institute helps every day athletes train hard and recover fast. The Recovery Room, a dedicated space for post-workout recovery, features NormaTec compression therapy, Hypervolt percussion massage, Zero Gravity chairs, and dynamic stretching techniques.

Normatec Compression Sleeves


Dynamic air compression for rapid recovery:

  • Increase circulation

  • Speed lactate clearance

  • Relieve muscle soreness

  • Increase mobility


Powerful percussion massage therapy that the world's best athletes use. Warm up and recover like the pros do, with guided routines. Massage away stress and tension, loosen muscle knots, and target fatigue.

HyperIce Hypervolt Massage Gun
HyperIce Hypersphere Massage


The Hypersphere's high-intensity vibration technology penetrates deep into muscle tissue, providing an effective and targeted release of tension and knots. Regular use of the Hypersphere can improve your range of motion, allowing for better form in your workouts and preventing injuries.

Vyper 3

The Vyper 3's powerful vibrations reach deep into muscle tissue, effectively releasing knots and tension for a soothing massage experience. Use the Vyper 3 after workouts to speed up muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and enhance overall muscle performance. Alleviate muscle pain and discomfort with targeted, high-intensity vibrations, making it an excellent choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

HyperIce Vyper 3 Vibrating Foam Roller
Dynamic Stretching Pic Website.jpg

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching helps increase your range of motion, making it easier to perform various movements and exercises. Incorporating dynamic stretches into your warm-up routine can improve muscle readiness, agility, and power, helping you excel in sports and workouts. By actively moving your muscles through a full range of motion, dynamic stretching helps activate and engage the muscles you'll be using during your workout. Dynamic stretching invigorates your body, leaving you feeling more energized and ready to take on your fitness goals.


Each session 30 minutes

Recovery Room Pricing


Single Session


each session


10 Sessions

$22.50 per session


20 Sessions


per session

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Unlock the power of recovery in our state-of-the-art HyperIce Recovery Room. Book your appointment today and experience the ultimate revitalization for your body and mind.

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