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Welcome to Reyes Performance Institute Blog!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Hello and welcome to the Reyes Performance Institute Blog!

Within the last year, RPI has grown tremendously and continues to offer the community various services related to fitness, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.

RPI highly values building relationships with their patients and community and found it fitting that a blog would be developed. This blog was created to extend RPI’s expertise and cultivate an environment where patients and readers can be educated on topics related to wellness, rehabilitation, fitness, or sports. The goal of this blog is to provide an interactive platform for patient education while focusing on topics prevalent within the industry.

Industry Leaders

Periodically, RPI will have various fitness and sport industry leaders to speak on topics prevalent within the community. If you have a specific question or would like to read on a particular topic, feel free to reach out or email us!

Thank you for beginning this journey with us! We look forward to interacting with you.

Leave a comment below or ask any questions? Call us at 512-297-3851.

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